Green Room

The room has been purposely made cosy for our youngest with a separate sleep area creating a home to home environment. Our baby room places a strong emphasis on cuddles, love and fun allowing them to benefit from activities from soft visually stimulating toys moving onto more adventurous and challenging activities for the active baby. In our baby room, staff encourage language development through basic words, singing as well as sensory development. Staff in the baby room aim to meet the routine you want cooperating and monitoring with the parents, such as the child’s feeding, weaning and sleep routine. The room has the nappy changing facilities as well as a milk kitchen.

Our babies are not on all on a scheduled routine and we provide individual and customised care. Some babies are breastfed, some are on formula and some are on transition to formula and solids. At this age we are aware that your child requires that extra special care and attention, so here at Apple Day Nursery, we have created the perfect home from home environment where your child can feel happy and relax in warm and secure surroundings.

Adjacent to Green 2 this is a much larger and spacious room allowing children to explore their first steps.  It is at this stage that we gently introduce enjoyable experiences whereby we encourage creativity through messy play, painting, as well as learning new vocabulary and language development in the home corner and story areas.

This room has its own nappy changing facilities and a milk kitchen.

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